Promosi Makanan Khas Indonesia Melalui Wirausaha Jasa Berbasis Website

Randy Frans Fela, Luthfi Zharif, Erlina Nur Arifani, Rizal Friansyah, Mulia Ela Syifaurrohmah


Indonesian culinary diversity is a God’s grace for Indonesia to develop its culture in the eyes of the world. Unfortunately,it’s not recognized massively in the world. Regarding to this problem was born to expose Indonesian culinary to the world. is a business promotion services that uses websites This website uses WordPress Content Management System and Business Finder wordpress theme. The website features included culinary map, search engines, as well as a minimalist user interface. To expand the business, promoting with offline and online media, and promoting the website while searching partnership. Offline media used includespartnership proposals, leaflets, and merchandises while online media relies on websites and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Indonesian managed to hook 15 partners with an income of Rp. 2,800,000.00. Break Event Point can be reachedafter gaining 19 partners within 6 months, which equivalent to Rp. 3,654,000.00. Keywords : Indonesian culinary, promotion,

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