"Cornella" (Cookies Bekatul Jagung dan Rosella) Sebagai Snack Alternatif Pencegah Diabetes Mellitus

Siska Jufia Puspita, Eka Wahyuni, Roro Antasari, Suhaeli Tri C, Faradyta Wijaya


World health organization (who) in 2010 reported 60 % cause of death all age in the world is because ptm and diabetes mellitus ranked 6th as cause of death, One of the factors dm the most high derived from a diet that is wrong. Corn bran a corn grinder waste that is considered less useful but many of its nutrition value such as energy content of 356 kilokalori, protein 9 g, carbohydrates 64.5 grams, calcium 200 mg, 10 mg, iron, vitamin A as much as 0 IU, etc. Rosella is a diabetes drug crops is still underutilized by society, Hence we mengemasnya in the cookies the easy consumed and healthy.Pkm-k aims that “cornella” be food an alternative for diabetics mellitus and can prevent DM, “cornella “ is a business opportunity which promises because raw materials widely available, still not be used in an inefficient manner and the absence of a snack products are beneficial to health especially prevent dm, Cornella” have a look and a unique flavour with a relatively inexpensive price Rp. 20.000/pack..Marketing using brochures and cooperate with the cakes and the surrounding community, get profit Rp 989.800. Next, hopefully accepted by company pastries, producing in a larger scale and employs workers in manufacturing


Keywords : Cornella, Diabetes Mellitus, corn barn, rosella

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