Testing Performance of 10 kW BLDC Motor and LiFePO4 Battery on ITB-1 Electric Car Prototype

Agus Purwadi, Jimmy Dozeno, Nana Heryana


The growing development of Electric vehicle industry due to more greener transportation needs, encouraging ITB as a research based educational institution to give their effort and participation in developing electric city car prototype, especially for Indonesia used. Two fundamental components in the electric car are the electric motor and its energy storage system. The motor used in this ITB-1electric car is brushless dc (BLDC) motor type. A controller will be used to convert the dc source into ac for BLDC motor power source. How far an electric car can reach their destination depends on how much energy that is stored in the batteries. This electrical energy storage will affect performance of the electric car. Therefore we have to protect the battery from anything that can make the battery’s life shorter. Voltage is one of the parameters that must be controlled by the battery management system, so that the battery can be protected effectively. In this paper, a10 kW BLDC motor and its energy storage i.e LiFePO4 battery types, will be evaluated based on their performance result from the tests.

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