Study on Temperature Distribution at Busbar Connection Based on Contact Resistance of Different Plating Contact Surface

Agus Risdiyanto, Maulana Arifin, Umar Khayam, Suwarno Suwarno


This paper discusses measurement of temperature on busbar connection based on contact resistance and plating material in relation to the value of contact resistance. This study is intended to prevent failure when busbar connection is attached. The failure of the electrical connection can occur due to bad contact so that the contact resistance is increased, high losses, overheating, and it can even cause a fire hazard. Thereare three test samples of modeled: copper busbar connection without plating, copper busbar connection with nickel plating and copper busbar connection with silver plating. The contact resistance of each sample was measured at contact pressure of 12 MPa. Subsequently the samples loaded with the current of 350 A and temperature at the connection was measured and simulated until steady state condition reached. The results show that the temperature at the contact area is higher than that of busbar appears caused by the contact resistance. Both measurement and simulation results show that busbar connection with silver plating having lower contact resistance and lower maximum temperature, followed by the connection with the nickel plating and busbar connection without plating.

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