Modelling and Simulation of Switched Reluctance Motor Based on Comsol

Umar Sholahuddin, Agus Purwadi, Nana Heryana, Hilwadi Hindersyah


Switched reluctance motor (SRM) drives have gained many attentions from researcher which will be used for automotive applications that needs high speed, wider range of constant power capability, ruggedness, and fault tolerance. This paper focuses on modelling and simulation of switched reluctance motor (SRM) based on COMSOL software, two dimensional finite element models of SRM were developed and established. The results show that the models established, are propitious to the accurate analysis of switched reluctance motor torque and flux. SRM 6/4 configuration was selected due to its simple structure and low cost of electronics required for the controller. The model developed will be used to design and build an EV SRM for prototype testing.

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