Dynamic Response Analysis of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives for City Electric Car

Abdullah Assegaf, Agus Purwadi, Yanuarsyah Haroen


In the next few years, electric cars will be one of the main vehicles in transportation system and are designed to meet the requirement of high efficiency and clean energy vehicles. Since the force to propel electric vehicles comes only from electric motor, the profile of tractive effort -speed of the vehicles is determined by the torque – speed profile of the motor. The torque – speed of the electric motor consists of constant torque and constant power region, but the driving pattern in urban area has often forced the electric motor into the constant torque operation area. In this paper, the dynamic response of the PMSM under constant torque operation of city electric car is presented. The mathematical and Matlab/Simulink model of PMSM are derived and constructed, the dynamic response of the motor for city electric car under start-go mode will be obtained from simulation results. The dynamic response of torque and speed are then analyzed.

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