Environmental consideration in materials selection for electric vehicles

Renaldi Renaldi, Wiki Yuanditra, Sri Raharno, Yatna Yuwana Martawirya


Electric vehicles contain unique materials and components that are less prevalent or even non-existent in traditional vehicles. In order to ensure that the promotion of electric vehicles does not lead to undesired side effects, it is necessary to conduct environmental assessments before their widespread implementation. Furthermore, it is also important for designers and engineers to be knowledgeable in environmental consequences of their technical decision in the development of electric vehicles. This paper aims to give an overview on the contribution of materials and components to the total environmental impact of electric vehicles. Progress in methods and tools to assist designers and engineers in considering environmental impact in their workflow is also described. 


SOURCE : http://www.academia.edu/5478255/RICT_Novianto_Budi_Kurniawan_Enterprise_Architecture_Design_That_Ensure_Business_IT_Alignment

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