Modelling and Analysis of Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charging Infrastructure Based on PSIM

Agus Purwadi, Nadhilah Shani, Nana Heryana, Tri Hardimasyar, M. Firmansyah, Arrester SR


In this paper, DC fast charging infrastructure model using PSIM is proposed. DC Fast charging infrastructure is modelled as a bidirectional three-phase PWM rectifier with constant output voltage control and unity power factor input current control. The specification of the DC fast charging infrastructure is a constant voltage charging mode with capacity of 50 kW. Using a proposed model,a simulation on various levels of State Of Charge (SOC) which are simplified to the battery voltage droplevels was also performed. Lithium ion batteries was used and modelled by Thevenin equivalent battery model. Analysis of the DC fast charging impacts to the grid seen from the input current Total Harmonics Distortion (THD) were conducted.


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